“Path To jannah”

ًWho We Are?

The Path to Jannah Quran Online Institute is an Online Platform which is Specialised in Teaching Quran Recitation and Memorisation with Tajweed Rules with an Authorised Reciters, who have Got Ijazah in Teaching Quran, as well as teaching the Arabic Language for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, our instituite implements an integrated set of programs and courses which designed to help Learners in their Learning Journy, in addition to that we are also offering the service to Master your English by adapting the following four skills which will include speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with highly qualified teachers, who are specialised in teaching online to non-native speaking people, using the latest teaching methods, tools, and technologies, in order to achieve the standard of excellence.


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Our Mission

Enabling those who are wishing to learn the Holy Quran recitation, and Memorisation according to Tajweed rules, as well as the Arabic language and master its skills. 

Our Vision

The Holy Quran is the first legeslation sourse in Islam, The Arabic language is the language of rapprochement between the people of the world.

Our History

Established in 2018, Path to Jannah become one of the major online Quran and Arabic institutes, providing  an integrated set of programs and courses in the folowing subjects of the Holy Quran, Tjweed rules, Arabic language, English language, and the Islamic Studies.
As one of the most important and largest Arabic & Quran institutes for teaching Arabic and Quran for non-native Arab speakers, we provide online sessions with highly qualified and well trained tutors, whom have thought many students world-wide, using the modern online teaching methodology.
We have made it our mission to bring Arabic and Quran education to those who were in need and eager to learn by providing high-quality education and dedicated teachers.

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