No Muslim will spend just one period in his or her life learning about his or her faith. Islam is a commitment in this life and the next. Once a person has committed to learning the Quran online, his or her prospects open to a much wider and richer profile for education.

Students who study the Quran can progress to learning advanced Arabic grammar and speech, history of the Islamic faith, and memorization of the Quran. Those who wish to be better Muslims can use the online Quran course as a way to venture into subjects that are more complex and rewarding.

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Each piece of research into a student-teacher relationship shows that students often benefit when there are fewer students taking on the teacher's attention. The teaching provided by Iqra helps to realize the dynamism of the personal relationship between the student and the teacher. IQRA instructors can individually take care of their students without needing to keep moving to a greater level.
The online Quran lessons for kids at IQRA is small enough that any student can get help with their struggles - including individual assistance. However, the classes do not have to be so small that a student feels overwhelmed by the pressure

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