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Learn Quran online with Khale Elkahky who is one of the best online Quran tutors.
His qualifications:
1- Bachelor degree in the Islamic studies -Faculty of languages and translation- Al-Azhar university- grade good -2018.
2 – Authentication license for teaching the Holy Quran sciences (Reading method of the Imam AsemAalkwfy)

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His Professional Experience: one years Experience in (the direct education and online instructor, in the following centers :

Books that are taught by him within the last one year:

1. Teaching (the basic book ) to teach Arabic as a foreign language, Um Al-Qura University), for those coming from Malaysia, Thailand, and Russia.
2. Teaching (series of Arabic language in your hand, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ibrahim . Al Fawzaan, Riyadh) for those coming from Malaysia and Thailand.
3. Teaching books (grammar and rhetoric) of the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic studies, Al-Azhar University, for those coming from Malaysia.
4. Teaching books (grammar, rhetoric, and presentations)following to General Azharsecondaryschools, for those coming from Russian.
5. Explaining the book (explain Qatar El Nada, and Bal El Sada, by Ibn Hisham –revised by MohamedMohideen Abdul Hamid), for Malaysian and Egyptian.
6. Explaining the book (the basics of Arabic grammar andSarffor the intellectuals by Ahmed Mohamed Saqr and Mohammad Salah Faraj Mohammed Abdel Hamid Ghurab ), for the Malaysian, Egyptian and Russian.
7- Explaining the book (the Armenian marginal by Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Bin QasimNajdi ) for those coming from Russia and Egypt. 8- Explaining the book (the best clearance for Alfeyet Ibn Malek for Ibn Hisham –revised by Mohamed Al Bekaey) for those coming from Malaysia.

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 His training & Certificates:
1- A course in [ Leadership, Mind Mapping, Communication Skills, Time Management, How to change yourself, Presentation skills, Team Work, Self-learning, Creative Thinking Skills ] in (Skills For Management & Human Development Center )from.
2- Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Typing Tutor, Internet Skills&Maintenance in( Arab Academy of science and technology, Grade: Excellent ).
The Skills: Languages - Arabic: Mother tongue - English: good at reading & writing.
1- Computer skills: ICDL.
2- Holly Quran :( Teaching &Tajweed and explanation its words situations).

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