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Ahmed Moselhy, was born in 1993 in Cairo, Egypt, he started his life studying in a private institute managed by Al-Azhar Al-Shrief Entity, he memorized the whole Qur'an when he was almost in the fifth grade, and right now he is studying to get the ijazah, in addition to a diploma in Islamic studies online at" the Islamic online university " and he started the Islamic studies like Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Sirah, 'Aqidah by the seventh grade at Al-Azhar Mosque, when he finished the high school, he went to Al-Azhar University, the faculty of languages and translation, Islamic studies department, he is studying German as a second language, in another word he is a languages freak, he makes his Own self-study in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew, he is interesting in exploring the differences between the one language delicates, and its roots.

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Brother Ahmed has been working as a Simultaneous interpreter in many international conferences, which took place in Egypt, he established his own students activities in the university in order to teach the new incomers the English language, and he has a very good English fluency, he has been invited to be a motivational speaker in many events in the university, and he has a good reputation in many other majors like TOT, HR, soft, communication skills, and life coaching, also he has been touting Arabic, and Qur'an for Non-Arabs the past two years, he says that: he is really enjoying teaching someone a new thing especially the Arabic language, the language of the Quran.

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