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Learn Quran Online for adults with Hanan Elsyed - I studied Arabic and Islamic studies at Dar-Alouloum faculty  Cairo University, and graduated in 2008; my degree was very good, in the next year I had to premaster from the same faculty department of Islamic philosophy. And in 2013 I had 
Diploma from the faculty off education Alsadat university.
I started Tajweed in Dar Alhusray in Cairo.

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About my Experiences: I taught Arabic for one year at Al-Furat center for teaching Arabic to non_Arab in Naser  city direct in the center (mean face to face education ) 2009 
after leaving this center I tough Nour-al bayan book for 6 years
through this period I worked in writing articles for a website for one year,
and participated in a program in an American University in Cairo under the title "Egyptian culture and Arabic language" in 2015 summer.
finally, I worked as Arabic and Quraan teacher for non-Arab online for about 2 years.


About my method to teach Quraan:

its depend on the student (her age or level or her target if she want to memorize Quran or just want to learn how to read It or she want besides that to learn how to understand it) who I gonna teach, but I can explain some  
common  steps:
first, we have to make sure that she can read Quraan.
and making sure that the student knows the reward off Quraan and keep repeating .that time after time when there is need to do
giving the rules off Tajweed in its simple parts in the beginning if the student is child or beginner and in the end explain the hall rule after she understands and.
practice all its parts make sure that the homework contains listening to Quraan beside memorize as listening is very important for them specialty
if the student is a child we have to make it fun as much as its possible.
also, I try to found examples from his life ore his language unclassified sounds to correct his incorrect Arabic sounds.
also, I try to try many methods to memorize to find which one is working with this student if she has problems in memorizing.
also, revision is the most important thing.

I try also to improve my self about the explanation for the sounds Makharej as the practical way to become easy for me to guide students to correct them falsies.
And before that and after it Allah is the one how to give success and make it work.

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• Holding Bachelors in Arabic and Islamic sciences from the college of Darul-Uloom, University of Minya.
I have Certificate (Ijaazah) linked to the Prophet " blessings and peace of Allah be upon him"  in the field of Recitation and Memorization of the Quran In the ten readings of the Quran.
• Holding “Permission to teach” certificate  (Ijaazah) in the field of Recitation and Memorization of the Qur’an  from the " Shar’iyyah Assembly “ in the Governorate of Minya
• Holding “Permission to teach” certificate (Ijaazah) in the field of Recitation and Memorization of the Qur’an from the “Assembly of Muslim Youth” in the Governorate of Minya.

I have been teaching the Quran to the foreign nationals from different countries including Great Britain, USA, France, Canada, Australia, India etc... since 7 years
The lesson system in the Koran differs from that of children from that of adults.

Through my lessons With kids:

We must repeat them verses for a long time with a slow repetition and attention (Gonna - Madd-  ) and Good performance.And there is something fun so that the child does not tired
Lessons with young people and adults:
You must read and correct the reading and we are interested in correcting each error with the explanation for (tajweed) ..and It is advisable to listen to examples of the video of some famous sheiks so we encourage the student

There are other ways:

Each student according to the level that suits him As you will see in the lessons in shaAllah

Just graduated from a faculty of humanities, Spanish department ( English as a second language ), Al_Azhar university.
Finished memorizing El Quran when I was 13.
Taught English and Spanish as a second language for students from 10 _ 21 years old.
Academic member and Spanish instructor in a student activity at Al_Azhar university ( BTL _Born to Learn ) which interested in teaching languages and soft skills.
Taught Quran for young Arab learners.

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Actually, I didn't teach a non_Arab before but l have just started learning and I know that I can learn fast.
O don't really need it as just a work, but I like helping others in that.
I'm very patient when it is about teaching anything so in Quran will be more inshallah.
I have the skill of talking to others as a familiar one and I think they helping in a work as this, I have already dealt with foreigners before so that's okay for me.
I'm a commitment one and like working especially if it will leave a clear mark as that work in learners.
For me what is more, can I ask if I can do both of helping others know Quran and helping myself as well in the life.
Yes, I might not the best option for you but I can tell you I'm a very good one cuz I like what I do and when I like something I do it creatively and as I told you before I learn fast.
That's it.
Ahh one more thing, I can help with Spanish too.

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I am glad that I have such a chance of putting my ideas, propositions, and thoughts into words.
I'd rather mention my experience as a young man who dedicated his Time, knowledge and passion to teaching Quran to the kids of 5-7 years, this was just a start for me, all praise to Allah that things got better as I worked as a preacher at mosques by the age 18.
When I was 20, I started working in the international call-center field till I joined Vodafone UK last year.
Teaching Quran to non-Arabic native speakers is a different story since they have a different, diverse and increasingly helpful teaching system.
 An Arabic non-native speaker would seek a professional and friendly teacher who would be patient when it comes to language barriers.
I believe a successful teacher in this field has to make the classes for Kids fun and enjoyable, teaching them bit by bit.

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